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Director:  Noel Vinson

Producer: Noel Vinson and Rayan Heloui

Screenwriter:  Noel Vinson

Genre:  Drama


When tough guy Samson Pike gets out of prison after 25 years, he finds his only prospect in a job protecting a twenty-something-year-old transgender escort named Esra from potential threats. But when Sam’s feelings begin to grow for the guarded young woman, he finds that he may not even be able to protect her from himself.

(the Feature)

Director:  Noel Vinson

Producer: Noel Vinson, Abel Robinson, Gordon Fletcher and T.C. De Witt

Screenwriter:  Noel Vinson and Liam Hurley

Genre:  Western 


Thibodeaux, a man with a bounty on his head joins a game of high stakes poker against three strangers who bet with more than just money and have plenty of time to kill.

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Director:  Noel Vinson

Producer: Noel Vinson & Sonja Steyn

Screenwriter:  Noel Vinson & T.C. De Witt

Genre:  Dark Comedy / Episodic


GrYM'D is a series about Jim Grym: a drunken, drug addicted and misogynistic Grim Reaper, navigating through his tumultuous mid-life crisis in the dire hopes that he may one day make a lasting connection.