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The Recluse

Writer / Director:  Noel Vinson

Format:  Feature

Genre:  Horror

Comps: 10 Cloverfield Lane meets The Witch / Leave No Trace meets Knock at the Cabin

In a strange, post-apocalyptic world, a stoic, gay survivalist shelters a pregnant addict in his secluded cabin where they must not only confront the supernatural threats around them, but also the growing tension between them.

The Last Great American Novel

Writer / Director:  Noel Vinson

Format:  Feature

Genre:  Dark Absurdist Comedy

Comps: Network meets Everything Everywhere All At Once / Stranger Than Fiction meets The Game


In a world gone mad, "The Last Great American Novel" exposes the absurdist consequences of artistic ambition as a struggling writer risks it all to pen his masterpiece and uncover the truth behind its wild success before he literally loses his mind.

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TRAP_Concept Poster.png
TRAP: The Cartoon

Creator:  Noel Vinson

Format: Animated Series

Genre:  Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

Comps: The Boondocks meets Archer / Black Dynamite meets Inside Job


In 1987, during President Rudolph Runyon's re-election campaign, reformed pimp Money Mola$$es uncovers a sinister connection between a local crack house, corrupt cops, and malevolent alien overlords who pull governmental strings. Teaming up with the ragtag TRAP Team, Money and his crew must save humanity from enslavement, all while staying fly at the same time.


Creator:  Noel Vinson

Format:  Series

Genre:  Crime / Dark Comedy

Comps: Mindhunter meets Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty / Dahmer meets Hollywood


Based loosely on true events: Kalifornia explores the paths of over twenty serial killers who were active across the state of California between 1972 and 1984. Some were caught and some weren’t. Some may not have even existed. But in the fever of the time, they were all stars.

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